Hi, I’m Anna….

I have two sons:

Mackie, who is 8, and on the autism spectrum. He loves I Spy, Pixar movies, his VSmile, and trying to poach the computer away from me….

Braeden, who is 4, the “NT” little brother. He’s got something goin’ on…but whether it’s just typical kid nuttiness or sensory issues, I haven’t the faintest. He’s obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars, and wanton destruction. Wait, they both are.

My hubby works for a defense contractor in MA, has a horrible hour commute each way, sometimes thinks he’s going insane, and generally tries to be super-dad, in spite of all of it. Obviously, he’s a little hard on himself. He was an officer in the Marine Corps for 8 years, and now he writes manuals for all the gear that his company produces. Even though he was a tank commander, he’s really a D&D geek at heart, loves minutae, engineering, and math.

I was one of those kids who was completely oblivious to the ridiculous adventure aspect of Indiana Jones, focusing instead on the history and curation parts of his “job”, lol. “It belongs in a museum!!!” In spite of my misgivings about six semesters of Latin, I got my degree at UNC-CH in Classical Archaeology, at good old Murphy Hall. After that, I may have taken a detour…which was how I met my husband…and then, finally ended up working in cultural resource management. Not wonderful…not enough to live on, either.

We finally settled down in 2004, found this wacky house in 2005, and have been muddling along ever since. Someday, we’d love to have our own farm, replete with animals, organic crops, and a non-diagonal back yard….

I have another blog over at Gray Skies. It’s all about the writing process, and my attempts to be successful at it.


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